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Starting a Business by Buying an Insolvent Business

Starting a Business by Buying an Insolvent Business When it comes to starting a business, the options are endless. There is not just a single way to become an entrepreneur and building a successful business doesn’t always involve starting from scratch. In fact, the high number of failing businesses can offer entrepreneurial minds the option of buying a failing business and turning it around. This guide will look at what insolvency is and what options exist to buy an insolvent business. We’ll also look at the benefits and risks associated with buying an insolvent business and provide you with tips for taking an efficient approach to starting a business by buying an insolvent business.WHAT IS INSOLVENCY?Starting a business is never a trouble-free task to accomplish and it can be especially challenging when you buy an insolvent business. Therefore, you need to understand what an insolvent business is, as well as grasp the full process before you venture on this path to entrepreneurship.Investopedia’s definition of insolvency states,“When an individual or organisation can no longer meet its financial obligations with its lenders as debts become due”Under those circumstances, insolvency proceedings are started. This process involves legal actions against the insolvent entity, individual or business, and the entity’s assets could be liquidated in order to pay off any outstanding debt.During the process, the entity will strike informal arrangements with creditors, which often means alternative payment arrangements.Entities could find themselves faced with insolvency in a number of ways. Often, the business suffers from poor management, which has led to cash problems, either as cash inflow slows or cash expenses increase. The process of insolvencyFurthermore, the entity isn’t able to simply announce insolvency. Before an entity is declared insolvent, it has to be tested to certify it can’t deal with its debts. The test often involves:The cash flow test, which measures whether the entity’s current and future debts cannot be paid as they fall due.The balance sheet test, which measures whether the entity’s assets are less than its liabilities. The test accounts both the present and future liabilities.The final declaration involves a court ruling, which begins the process of insolvency. It is important to note, insolvency procedure can start at the request of the business director, the shareholders, current creditors or the court.The process will involve an appointed person, who’ll need to be licensed to carry out insolvency procedure, and they will take control of the business. The legal name of the person varies from country to country. The person is often referred to as the ‘Administrator’ or ‘Insolvency Practitioner’.An insolvent company can undergo three routes.AdministrationAdministrative receivershipLiquidationThe difference of insolvency and bankruptcyThe most common misunderstanding around insolvency involves a mix up with another similar term, “bankruptcy”. There’s a tendency to assume these two terms are interchangeable.In fact, the terms have a different meaning. The difference between insolvency and bankruptcy is that:Insolvency is a financial state of being â€" the inability to pay off debts, while,Bankruptcy is the process that resolves the issue of insolvency â€" the legal declaration of the inability to pay debt.Therefore, declaring bankruptcy can solve insolvency, but there are other routes to follow as well. One of these, which involves the selling of the insolvent business.Where to buy an insolvent business?Running a business is not easy and the changing economic circumstances can challenge even the cleverest entrepreneurs. As mentioned, inefficient management often causes insolvency, but failure of management isn’t the only reason behind financial problems.Nonetheless, there are thousands of businesses each year facing insolvency. While insolvency can be the end of an era for some, insolvent businesses can offer opportunities for other business-minded people.Finding an insolvent business will require proper planning and searching. Whilst choosing the right business can take additional time, finding a selection of insolvent businesses shouldn’t be too difficult.You can find insolvent businesses simply by doing an Internet search. You can use search terms suc h as “Insolvent business”, “failed companies” and “businesses in administration”.  You could even contact legal firms, which handle insolvencies, directly. For example, Grant Thornton and BegbiesTraynor are accountancy firms that could help you find a selection of insolvent businesses.Finally, in some instances, people simply buy an insolvent business they have been personally involved with. You might be working in a company that’s facing financial hardships and you feel better equipped to manage the business.Check with your local business service and legal services to find out more about the opportunities around your area. Since the process can be quite demanding, it’s advisable to consult a lawyer with expertise on insolvent companies.THE BENEFITS AND RISKS OF BUYING AN INSOLVENT BUSINESSSimilar to any method of starting a business, buying an insolvent business has its advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the benefits, together with the risks, can help durin g the purchase proceedings and guarantee you are prepared for the process.The benefits of buying an insolvent businessFirst, the biggest benefit is all about the cost of starting a business. Buying an insolvent business, a business that is in financial difficulties, is naturally cheaper than trying to purchase a business, which is performing efficiently.Furthermore, it can be cheaper to starting from scratch. An insolvent company will have benefits such as existing customer base, acquired assets and so on. These can all finish boosting your chances of success, as you won’t necessarily need to spend much initial capital on them.The administrators are already hoping to get the business to new hands, either by selling it off or liquidating its assets, and therefore, your approaches to buy will generally be met with enthusiasm. The process of buying, while involving plenty of paperwork and legal procedures, will typically be swift, as the administrators don’t want to hold on to thes e companies for too long.Furthermore, there are certain situations that make buying an insolvent company even more beneficial. For example, if you are buying from an insolvency administrator then the old liabilities are often left with the insolvent debtor. Therefore, you don’t always need to worry about the liabilities, but can start relatively afresh.The risks of buying an insolvent businessWhilst buying an insolvent company can seem cheaper compared to starting from scratch, there are certain significant risks involved with the process. Although you can limit these risks by approaching the process with due diligence, you need to understand the risks fully before committing to the process.Firstly, you need to keep in mind the fact that you are essentially buying a failing business. This means you cannot guarantee your approach will solve these issues. Furthermore, it adds the financial risk layer to the equation. Depending on the deal, you might be liable to pay off certain aspe cts of the business, which could hurt your short-term gains.The administrators are expecting for immediate credit payment in most cases. Therefore, you don’t often have the luxury of searching for further investment or loans. You must be able to pay your share as soon as you start.Furthermore, you need to be aware of which parts of the business asset and liabilities are transferred to you. For example, the majority of insolvent companies require the new owner the responsibility of controlling the existing employment contracts. This means you won’t be able to simply lay off staff immediately or you might have employees in your company, which were partly behind the downfall of the previous business.Many of these risks can boil down to not having enough time to conduct proper checks. As mentioned above, insolvency process involves very short timeline and decisions need to be made relatively swiftly. This increases the risk factors, as you might not have enough time to carefully wei gh in every aspect of the business.THE BEST APPROACH TO BUYING AN INSOLVENT BUSINESSSince time is of the essence when you are considering buying an insolvent business, you need to approach the process with the right mind-set and game plan. Starting a business by buying an insolvent business will involve plenty of quick thinking and research, but the following steps will help you deal with the process correctly.Consider the timingThe first aspect is all about the timing. The process of insolvency tends to be swift and if you are aiming for the best deal, you need to be able to act quickly. Therefore, you must have made the decision to buy and narrowed down the type of business you are thinking of buying before you begin searching. Once you find a promising company, you won’t have time to start thinking whether you are ready to buy or not.Waiting for a long time can also increase the risk of the company deteriorating further. If the business remains in the hands of the insolvency pr actitioner for long, it will cause nervousness and jitters among employees, debtors and even creditors. Therefore, not only can the business suffer further damage, the deal might be financially less rewarding for you, as the buyer.You should approach the insolvency process with a clear set of goals and objectives to ensure you quickly identify the business you need to buy. Furthermore, any legal paperwork from your side should be ready, or available within days, once you begin your search.In addition, you must also be aware of the process used in the case of the business you are thinking of buying. As mentioned in the section explaining the processes of insolvency, each process can impact on the kind of sale available.In short:When the company is in liquidation or administration, the directors of the business won’t have much say and the insolvency practitioner has the power to negotiate and conclude a sale.If the business is in administrative receivership, the insolvency practitio ner won’t have the authority to pay your unsecured creditors.Consider carefully what process appeals to you and which offers you the most advantages. Make sure you understand the legal definition of each process and the way it influences what your rights and responsibilities are.Understand what is included in the saleWhen you’ve identified an insolvent business in a desired insolvency process, you must check what is included in the sale. This includes understanding the three key areas of:Liabilities â€" these include anything from financial liabilities to contractual liabilities. For example, you want to check whether you are required to continue working with the same third party operators and for how long.Warranties â€" the lack of warranties can be a big risk when buying an insolvent business. You generally won’t receive many warranties from the administrator. Therefore, proper due diligence, which is discussed later, is crucial.Assets â€" depending on the insolvency process and the business, you might have limited access to assets. You need to check all of the assets, not just financial assets, and create an appropriate list of what is part of the sale. For example, you might not be entitled to the business premises, but just the equipment within the premise and so on.When it comes to understanding the liabilities and assets, employee contracts can be among the most important. It can add a financial burden to your new business, if the contracts are directly transferred to your new business. On the other hand, if the employment contracts cease to exist immediately after the sale, you need to have a plan to hire new employees.Overall, you should check each asset and liability carefully and notice what other responsibilities, financial or otherwise, it might bring to your business. For example, if the business property is included in the sale, you want to check whether you are able to sell it at some point and whether certain liabilities come with the pr operty.Check what happens to the company nameWhilst it’s easier to remember to check tangible assets such as the business premises or employment contracts, you also need to pay attention to intellectual property. Most importantly, you need to ensure you understand the rules around the company name.Overall, the ability to use the name depends closely on country-specific legislation. In many instances, the use of an insolvent company name is unavailable, unless one or more of the limited available exceptions apply. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Insolvency Act 1986 restricts the re-use of an insolvent company.Furthermore, if a number of the insolvent company’s directors continue to work at your business, the law could impose fees on them for improper use of the name. Therefore, you want to make sure you understand whether you can continue to trade under the company name and under which circumstance.Undergo proper due diligenceDue diligence can be hard to conduct when you don’t have much extra time on your hands. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget about the usual checks you need to make in order to start a new business.When it comes to buying a business, whether it is an insolvent business or not, three aspects of due diligence require your attention. These are:Legal due diligence â€" this clears most of the points discussed above. It deals with the legality of the sale and addresses all of the litigation and regulatory issues you might have.Financial due diligence â€" since you are dealing with a company in financial difficulty, you want to understand what parts of the finances led to the failure. Make sure you understand the liabilities that may transfer to you, while also focusing on the finances that worked and didn’t work in the business.Commercial due diligence â€" it is crucial to understand what type of market is available for the business, while also mapping out the competition. You must be able to identify the market share you can aim for and pay attention to the problems the company might have had in the sector.Make sure you are aware of all the responsibilities you have after the business is transferred to you. This might include legal paperwork to ensure you have the rights to do business; for example, if the business operates in the food industry, you would need special paperwork. But also in terms of the employees and previous clients. You don’t want to have any surprises as you start building up the business.Construct a plan to turn the business aroundFinally, you should always approach the process with a proper plan for once you acquire the company. Essentially, you can’t start a business by buying an insolvent business without a proper business plan in place.An efficient plan is especially important in cases of acquiring an insolvent business. When you are faced with a company that has already failed, you need to know how to avoid the previous management did. Therefore, take time to understand what h appened in the business and the decisions and routes that led to its downfall.You are likely going to implement some changes to the way the business operates. Some of these ideas you might have prepared before you start searching for the company. Even if you are buying an insolvent business, you shouldn’t shy away from implementing your own vision.Additionally, you’ll learn more about the specific business as you research it and conduct due diligence. Make sure you implement these findings in your business plan as well. Some aspects of the business are unlikely going to be broken and it can be sensible to take advantage of things that work in the business.If you’ve found during the due diligence that previous contracts will dissolve, you need to check with the third parties whether they’d be willing to continue working with you. Understanding what your client and subcontractor base consists of after the sale can be the key to success.

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Energy Runs Our Lives - 1122 Words

On a close scrutiny of our immediate surroundings we find that it is only energy that is kindling most of the devices around us. Be it the light that illuminates things around us, the air conditioners and television sets that have made our life relaxing or the vehicles that ply the road, we find that energy is fundamental to the quality of our lives. In fact, energy has become so ubiquitous that it underpins every facet of our existence. The Rio Summit of 1992 put Sustainable Development on the global agenda. Sustainable development is development which meets the demands of the present generation without compromising on the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. Correspondingly, energy can be called sustainable if it wields minimal burden on earth’s finite resources while also necessarily conserving our planet’s land, water and air from degradation. Thus sustainable energy is like a double edged sword which can solve the current energy crisis and also combat climate change and pollution. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that milestone conference, but we are still far away from realizing the dream of sustainable development for all, which is clear from the following numbers. The world annual crude oil production in 2010 was 4011 million tonnes. The coal produced in the corresponding period was 7783 million tonnes. And 21,431 trillion watt hours of electricity were generated in the same year . . . . The carbon dioxide emissions by fuelShow MoreRelatedThe Long Term Effects Of Increasing Demand For Renewable Energy1690 Words   |  7 Pages Renewable Energy Wind, Water, Sun: Energy for the long run Prepared by Mashfik Shamir Midterm Proposal BUS 160W – An Introduction to Business Writing Queens College August 1, 2013 Professor Denise L. Miller Mashfik Shamir 8531 129 Street Richmond Hill, NY 11418 August 1, 2013 Prof. Denise Miller CUNY Queens College 65-30 Kissena Blvd. Flushing, NY 11367 Dear Prof. Miller: I am submitting this proposal to provide some information on the long term effects of increasing demand forRead MoreThe Effect Of Solar Energy On Natural Energy1450 Words   |  6 PagesCauses of Solar Energy Solar energy has been translated as natural energy source that’s become beneficial for humans. Solar energy is natural energy from the sun that can be used by converting solar cells into useable energy and can be used to run electricity in business, homes, antennas, watches, etc. Solar energy is important in society because unlike fossils, fuel, and oil that will eventually be gone from our earth, solar energy will be the replacement since it is natural source of electricityRead MoreEnergy Plays An Integral Part1028 Words   |  5 PagesEnergy plays an integral part in my life. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (n.d.). Power profiler, my annual energy usage estimated from my monthly use of 1364 kWh per month is 12 pounds of nitrogen oxides, 25 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 20,733 pounds of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen Oxides are gases produced from vehicle emissions and power stations and are considered pollutants because they can cause health related issues and they also produce fog. Sulphur Dioxide is producedRead MoreNuclear Energy : Renewable Energy727 Words   |  3 Pages32% of our energy for electricity? Energy makes lots of things work like machines. There is not just one word for energy, another word is power. Two of the main types of energy is renewable, and nonrenewable. Renewable energy is energy used over and over again. Renewable energy will not run out. Some examples of renewable energy is solar energy, hydro energy, and wind energy. Non renewable is energy is that will eventually run out. Some examples of non renewable energy are nuclear energy, coal,Read MoreThe World s Dependence On Fossil Fuels1706 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: When you think of fossil fuels what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the massive oil rigs set up around the world or maybe your mind wonders to how fossil fuels formed in the Earth millions of years ago. Truthfully the full extent of our usage of fossil fuels around the world is widely not realized. Around the Christmas season as you decorate your Christmas trees consider this: if your Christmas tree is artificial then it is likely manufactured with fossil fuels. The lights, ornamentsRead MoreEnergy Sources Of The Electric Company1338 Words   |  6 Pagesare many different energy sources that I utilize and rely upon daily. Without these energy sources I would not be able to heat my house, cook food, store food, drive, or have hot water. Growing up in the United States I was raised in a country where we are all accustomed to having these luxuries in our daily life without realizing that they are a luxury. Every day I use more than a few energy sources; some of these energy sourc es are petroleum, gasoline, and electrical energy. Living on Long IslandRead MoreAlternatives to Fossil Fuels Essay947 Words   |  4 Pagesand smog, as well as health issues. Reserves of fossil fuels are being depleted much faster than new ones are being formed. Our world relies on fossil fuels because they are very essential for the operation of our day to day lives and are thought to be beneficial and make our lives easier. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do simple things like; run our cars, heat our homes or have electricity. There are positive aspects results from fossil fuels; however at the same time there are sever negativeRead MoreHow Your Positive Thinking May Bring You More Luck Essay724 Words   |  3 Pagesthe universe is energy. Positive thinking is a form of energy that comes from within our minds and is the most powerful type of energy our minds can conceive. All power is from within us; we have the ability to consciously control our thoughts. Positive thinking really affects our day-to-day lives in many different ways. Our thoughts, whether positive or negative, ultimately determines what we attain and who we become. Negative energy attracts negative results, while positive energy attracts positiveRead MoreMethods and Benfits of Recycling955 Words   |  4 Pagesmany energy issues, for example, natural environmental pollution and global climate change. Everything is made of forcefulness; cultural products such as our house, food, clothes all need energy. Recycling can be a significant strategy for long run sustainability. It can change the well-being and productivity of the natural ecosystem. By decreasing wastes, recycling similarly saves natural resources, encourage Biodiversity and protect the natural ecosystem. Waste is simply ‘wasted energy’. ToxicRead Moremr sun809 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Energy saving at Tumalet Software As the phenomenon of global warming is getting worse, the government is spending much more time and vigor on energy saving. As a result of that, electricity and gas prices are increasing substantially. In order to maintain our successful business and good reputation in the long run, we have to find new ways to reduce our energy costs and minimize the impact of increasing bill prices on our operation. There are three main suggestions that I have made based on some

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The Key to Successful Concluding Sentence Example

The Key to Successful Concluding Sentence Example The Meaning of Concluding Sentence Example Nothing can be easier than to compose the last paragraph with our on-line generator! In the event the sentence is meant for commentary, then utilize commentary sentence starters. A concluding sentence ought to be an overview of the preceding discussion, not incorporate any new details. After that, make into an entire paragraph. A conclusion stipulates some last judgments on the major subject of the text and terminates a topic on a rational point. It is the end of the paragraph. A conclusion starter is just a phrase that highlights that you'll be coming to the conclusion of your written explanation, and frequently the conclusion starter hints which you are summarizing the concepts that have come before. An effective conclusion is thorough and elaborative, it gives a crystal clear and robust idea regarding the whole text. Some essays might just speak about similarities, while some may just speak about differences. Quite frequently, you want to be certain the reader doesn't overlook something, and that means you will need to let them know to look closely at the sentence by starting it in one of these ways. In the event the writer has not had a chance to interject an opinion about the subject, the last thought is the previous opportunity to achieve that. Many writers don't realize that it closes out the last thoughts about this issue on which they're writing. SCI record guide entries in several cases are described at a subspecies-level with a few subspecies known as difficult or dangerous in addition to others maybe perhaps maybe not, particularly for elk and mule deer subspecies. Conclusions are a part of daily life. Many factors demonstrate that. For this reason, you should deal with all challenges if you intend to reside close to the sea! The War Against Concluding Sentence Example Another critical step you will need to keep in mind is the value of having a suitable conclusion. Even in case you win, you won't have sufficient strength to continue! Each purpose has lots of words you are able to pick from. The remaining portion of the sections are different based on the sort of assignment. Ending an essay with similar scenario might help to demonstrate your point and make a better understanding. Slavery was one of the clearest ones. As soon as it's always important to receive your essay off on the perfect start with a strong and engaging introduction, lots of people may acquire lazy toward the conclusion of their writing. Speaking of narrative essays, you will need to stay in mind that you're telling a story. Distinct words and phrases can be utilized in various pieces of an essay. Utilizing a quotation at first or end of the paper gives an excellent impression. Sentence Frames Sentence frames supply a chance for students to use key vocabulary whilst providing a structure which may be higher than that which they could produce independently. Transitions are equally as critical when writing and for similar factors. What Concluding Sentence Example Is - and What it Is Not You'll find all of the information that you need right here, including a number of the best examples. To begin with, you have to think of a suitable topic based on its category, then conclude in a manner that provokes the curious minds of your readers. At length, it's highly advised that you make the most of professional writing help to turn your essay generally engaging and irresistible to the admission committee, not just in using excellent sentence starters but in all facets. Conclusion, in this instance, is your tool to reveal your understanding of this issue and make the previous impression on your audience. The Most Popular Concluding Sentence Example A concluding sentence may be used to provide a review of the principal points of the paragraph. A concluding sentence is the last sentence in every paragraph. A concluding sentence plays a critical part in every paragraph. A concluding sentence is utilized to signal your paragraph is coming to a finish. In other words, you wrap up the principal points in 1 sentence. It's possible to use a concluding sentence to state how you want to observe things change later on. There are many ways where the concluding sentence within this illustration can be written.

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Dworkin and Hart Free Essays

PART TWO – ESSAY (1) Dworkin’s â€Å"third conception of the law† called Law as Integrity is based in part on the assumption that there is a single author of the law. The community personifies expressing a coherent conception of justice and fairness. According to law as integrity, propositions of law are true if they figure in or follow from the principles of justice, fairness, ad procedural due process that provide the best constructive interpretation of the community’s legal practice. We will write a custom essay sample on Dworkin and Hart or any similar topic only for you Order Now Furthermore, Dworkin would approve and support the judges for creating an opinion and setting a new precedent on this case. Dworkin’s Chain Novel concept fits into this case perfectly by adding new precedent which the lawmakers of the time could not foresee. The lawmakers had not created such a provision dealing with this situation but surely did not intend to protect this defendant just because the language of the law was absent. (2) Hart might criticize the majority opinion because he will believe that the justices have done a dishonor to the law. Regardless if the defendant attained the land through unmoral means, he did not violate any laws at that time. Social rules should not be taken into consideration with the law since there is no precedent dealing with such issue. A law is separate from morality, and does not in itself guarantee that the primary social rules of a given legal system are just or morally right (Adams 43). The majority opinion relied on judges to go beyond their jurisdiction and make moral judgments when there was no such precedent or law set on that matter. The judges, as Hart may claim, did not follow primary and secondary rules in reaching their majority opinion. Hart may support the dissent of Judge Gray by applauding Grays reasoning on the case. In particular, Hart would support Gray when Gray states, â€Å"The question we are dealing with is whether a testamentary disposition can be altered, or a will revoked, after the testators death, through an appeal to the courts, when the legislature has by its enactments prescribed exactly when and how wills may be made, altered, and revoked, and apparently, as it seems to me, when they have been fully complied with, has no left room for the exercise of an equitable jurisdiction by the courts over such matters. Adams 152). † Hart would support this train of thought by Gray because Gray clearly makes it known to the majority that there are already laws stating how to properly handle wills, and that the courts really have no jurisdiction after a testator has deceased and the will has come into affect. Gray is only following the law and keeping morality separate. How to cite Dworkin and Hart, Papers

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The Causes Of The Civil War Essays (1488 words) -

The Causes Of The Civil War The Political War The North and South fought over politics, mainly the idea of slavery. Basically the South wanted and needed it and the North did not want it at all. The South was going to do anything they could to keep it. This was the issue that overshadowed all others. At this time the labor force in the South had about 4 million slaves. These slaves were very valuable to the slaveholding planter class. They were a huge investment to Southerners and if taken away, could mean massive losses to everyone. Slaves were used in the South as helpers in the fields in the cultivation of tobacco, rice, and indigo, as well as many other jobs. The South especially needed more slaves at this time because they were now growing more cotton then ever because of the invention of the cotton gin. Cotton production with slaves jumped from 178,000 bales in 1810 to over 3,841,000 bales in 1860. Within that time period of 50 years the number of slaves also rose from about 1,190,000 to over 4,000,000. The plantation owne rs in the South could not understand why the North wanted slavery abolished that bad. Southerners compared it with the wage-slave system of the North. They said that the slaves were better cared for then the free factory workers in the North. Southerners said that slave owners provided shelter, food, care, and regulation for a race unable to compete in the modern world without proper training. . But after the American Revolution slavery really died it the North, just as it was becoming more popular in the South. By the time of 1804 seven of the northern most states had abolished slavery. During this time a surge of democratic reform swept the North and West. There were demands for political equality. The South felt these views were not important. All of these views eventually led to an attack on the slavery system in the South, and showed opposition to its spread into whatever new territories that were acquired. Northerners said that slavery revoked the human right of being a free p erson. Now with all these views the North set out on its quest for the complete abolition of slavery. When new territories became available in the West the South wanted to expand and use slavery in the newly acquired territories. But the North opposed to this and wanted to stop the extension of slavery into new territories. The North wanted to limit the number of slave states in the Union. But many Southerners felt that a government dominated by free states could endanger existing slaveholdings. The South wanted to protect their states rights. The first evidence of the Norths actions came in 1819 when Missouri asked to be admitted to the Union as a slave state. After months of discussion Congress passed the Missouri Compromise of 1820. This compromise was legislative measures that regulated the extension of slavery in the United States for three decades. Now the balance of 11 free states and 11 slave states was in trouble. Maine also applied for statehood in 1819, in which it was admitted as a free state. To please the South, slavery would be prohibited forever from Louisiana Purchas e territories north of 36? 30'. Southern extremists opposed any limit on the extension of slavery, but settled for now. Missouri and Maine were to enter statehood simultaneously to preserve sectional equality in the Senate. For almost a generation this Compromise seemed to settle the conflict between the North and South. But in 1848 the Union acquired a huge piece of territory from Mexico. This opened new opportunities for the spread of slavery for Southerners. But the distribution of these lands in small lots speeded the development of this section, but it was disliked in the South because it aided the free farmer more than the slaveholding plantation owner. So now Congress passed the Compromise of 1850. It dealt mainly with the question of whether slavery was to be allowed or prohibited in the regions acquired from Mexico as a result of the Mexican War. This compromise allowed abolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia and admission of California

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Jung Personality Essay

Jung Personality Essay Jung Personality Essay Lakshmi Cruz Psychology of Personality MW 4:30- 5:45 Dr. Hamilton 10/15/2014 How did Jung define synchronicity, and how did he use this concept in his theory? Describe how synchronicity has played a major role in your life. Synchronicity Have you ever dreamt or thought of someone and then that person would suddenly appear or call you? While some would call this a coincidence, Carl Jung would relate this to the idea of synchronicity. Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. The two events do not have to be related to one another, but the two events must be independent on their own. When put together the experiences are very important for the individual. For example, a person is walking down the street thinking about their financial problems, and while they are walking they find a ten dollar bill on the ground. Synchronicity is the combination of two individual experiences coming together in a meaningful way. Synchronicity, one could say, is one of the most abstract concepts of Jung’s theory. Carl Jung truly valued the power of human thoughts. The collective unconscious, the most important part of the psyche according to Jung, is the idea that all humans have access to this library of fragmented memories and knowledge of human history. For example, we often times tend to lower our stature and soften our voices when we encounter a child. We were never taught to do so, but Jung would argue that we resolve to this form of behavior because it is part of our human history and that form of behavior was sparked by our collective unconscious. Not only is the collective unconscious constantly being added to, it also seeks out outward manifestations. If the contents of the collective unconscious are being ignored in consciousness, it will manifest itself into dreams or fantasies. We tend to categorize innovator as daydreamers because it is not uncommon for someone to reach a breakthrough with their ideas while dreaming or fantasizing. Jung would argue that their breakthroughs were not a result of their dreams, but it was a result of their creative unconscious manifesting itself through a different outlet. If the collective unconscious is this mystical, abstract force that connects all beings through thoughts, then couldn’t we use it to communicate with one another through thoughts? Although we cannot use the collective unconscious like we would use a cellphone, it sometimes appears as if we can manipulate the collective unconscious. They say that if you are unable to fall asleep it is because you are present in someone else’s dream. If the collective unconscious is constantly being added to, maybe we are able to sense what direction the new information is coming from when it has to do with ourselves. One could argue that synchronicity is the reaction of being able to manifest the information in the collective unconscious. So when you receive that text message from your ex just as soon as you were done thinking about them, they were manifesting that lack of connection in the collective unconscious and the two experiences (when you stopped thinking about your ex, and the e x sending the message) become a synchronistic experience. I have never been the type of person who has to work hard to get something they want. For some reason things always seem to work out for me. Earlier this week I had been thinking about how nice it would be if I didn’t have to pay for any of my food. I went pretty in depth with this idea while I was at work. When I finally left to take my lunch, I walked down to the food court and tried to decide what I wanted to eat. Although I do not usually get subway, I did that day. As it turns out, they were not able to charge me for my meal because they were having technical difficulties. The next day, at work, one of my co-workers kindly bought all of us pizza. At that point I was getting a little

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How to Help Kids Learn Digraphs in Spelling and Sounds

How to Help Kids Learn Digraphs in Spelling and Sounds Digraphs are two letters that make a third letter sound, when combined, such as ch or sh. Many sight vocabulary words use digraphs, which may provide a springboard for exploring these letter pairs when helping students learn to read new and unfamiliar vocabulary.   When considering a spelling program and how to best help children learn the sounds of the English language, you will need to choose words that help them understand all of the 44 sounds. Part of those 44 sounds include the digraphs. It is also important to distinguish letter digraphs from letter blends, which are letters commonly paired whose individual sounds are created in concert, such as sl, pl, pr, sr, etc.  Often, children with disabilities have difficulty hearing and distinguishing letter blends, but consonant digraphs are easier because even the voiced and unvoiced digraphs (th) are made in the same way, with tongue placement in the same place. Often, students who have problems with identifying and/or hearing digraphs are also struggling with hearing (hard of hearing) or articulating (apraxia) the letter sound.  Students with these difficulties should be referred to audiologists or speech-language pathologists for assessment and/or services. The consonant digraphs are: ch, sh, th, ng (final sound) ph, and wh. Strategies for Teaching Common Words With Digraphs Introducing the Sound Use decodable books with consonant digraphs to introduce the sounds.  Use picture cards (chew, chop, chin, etc.)  to introduce the sounds.Use a double ch letter card with other letter cards to build words.  Have students build the same words with an individual pocket chart. Practicing the Sound Word Sorts:  Put lots of words with paired initial sounds in squares.  Have them cut out the words and paste them under the consonant digraph, i.e. chs include chip and ship, shop and chop.   Sounds Sound: ch as in chew Initial ch sound:  chew, chop, chips, choice, chance, chain, champ, chase, cheer, cheek, cheat, chase, chalk, choose Final ch sound: touch, each, reach, coach, ditch, ouch, beach, teach, ditch, lunch Sound: sh like in shy or rush Initial sh:  shadow, shade, shine, shop, shell, shout, shrub, shut, share, shower Final sh:   push, rush, fresh, wish, wash, fish, dish, trash, ash, rash Sound: the unvoiced th as in this the, then, they, there, their, this, them, these, that, though Sound: the voiced th as in thin thin, think, thick, thank, theft, thumb, tooth, truth, with, width Sound: wh as in why why, where, what, when, while, wheel, white, which, wheat, whistle Final Sound ng as in ring sing, sang, wing, bang, clang, bong, dung, sung, mung, clung, cling Sound:  ph as in phone Phillip, phantom, phonics, phase, phlox